EmaniLocal insights for sustainable decision making

Real time data collection to understand what people see, think and feel in low information environments.


Insights to plan, implement, monitor in tough geographies



Online and offline data capture.


Ground truth

Beyond local and social media.



Results from 48 hours.


In-house expertise

Clients don't need research experience.

Our Offer

Not just another panel survey tool

We’re the go-to platform for understanding local sentiment and the on-ground situation where data is hardest to get. You can quickly and affordably source reliable insights by requesting data and insights via Emani Networks in 25 countries across Africa and Asia. All this can be done from your desk, no local presence is required.

Purpose-built networks of diverse and verified respondents let you reach where online tools don't. Our members know us and are motivated to provide data you can trust. 

Experienced analysts advise on sample design, use technology to streamline data quality, and create compelling, bespoke visual insights. 

Partners & Clients

Trusted by industry leaders

It’s all about reliable, verifiable data from difficult regions. Clients can’t do this themselves, so they need help. Emani’s pre-vetted communities give us the confidence that the quality and integrity of their data is high.

Strategic Consultancy, London/ Nairobi

We worked with Emani in Nigeria. The platform was fantastic at connecting us quickly with hundreds of local people to verify and follow-up events.

Risk Intelligence Agency, London

Conducting a national survey for the same price as a few days’ consulting was impressive. It’s testament to the technology and human networks that Emani has built.

Think Tank, Geneva


Monthly insights and research tips from 25 countries.

Our story

Data that puts people and planet first

For more than 20 years, Emani’s founders have led research that helped organizations around the world to run infrastructure projects, plan humanitarian response, develop climate change policy, and support livelihoods development.

What drives us:

  • Reliable, on-time data in our clients' projects.
  • Sustainability through deep knowledge of people and planet.
  • Technology for hyperlocal, on-time, and relevant insights.